Hub & Vendor Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of a SYNAPSE Hub / Vendor Pillar. Your Hub or Vendor Pillar is sure to bring you many hours of enjoyment and companionship during your time in SL. But in order to realize it’s full potential, you may wish to read the following guide:


  1. Rez your Hub / Pillar.
  2. Accept the DEBIT PERMISSION prompt.
  3. Position the vendor optimal visibility / useability.
  4. Click the vendor and verify it can display your channels.
  5. Click ‘exit’ or do channely things as required.
  6. Enjoy your new SYNAPSE Hub / Pillar.

Channel Creation:

  1. Click the Vendor.
  2. Click ‘Create(L$)’.
  3. Type in a name for your channel.
    (If the name is already taken you will get a different name when setup is complete)
  4. Click ‘create’ to confirm your channel name.
  5. Pay the vendor the required amount.
  6. Use the newly created channel options menu to set your own password, get devices, etc.

Change Password: