Channel Owner’s Guide

What you get w/ SYNAPSE

  • Copy / Transfer / Take Copy Enabled Devices
    These permissions enable you to quickly hand out channels to those who need it.s
    The devices are made to survive multiple transfers.
    You can put them in group notices, giver boxes, etc.
  • Password Protection and Access Control
    You can’t prevent the device from spreading, but you can control who can use it.
    To connect, the device needs a password that you control and can change as needed.
    You can also lock and unlock the entire channel on demand to prevent loiterers.
    And finally, when needed, you can list your channel’s users and selectively ban them.
    (note: during test period this will only be accessible from vendors at the SYNAPSE Store.
  • Reliability
    GridTalkie’s backend has had a solid 99% uptime over the last three years.
    Our dedicated server we’ve been using since Nov 2012’s downtime has totaled less than a day.
  • Simplicity
    You don’t need to leave any servers permanently rezzed out.
    You don’t need to set up a bunch of cross-sim relay prims.
    You can control who can and can’t get into your channel.
    You don’t have to pay a subscription fee, you only pay once.
    The UI is as simple as possible for your users.

Channel Options

After purchasing a Channel, you can do the following from a SYNAPSE Vendor or Hub

  • Rename your Channel
    Devices with old name will still work and reflect new channel name on attach, but will need
    to be rezzed on the ground to update their inventory name, or you can just send them a new one.
  • Change your Password
    New channels come with a generated dictionary-word password for simplicity.
    When a user enters a correct password, it is stored in the device and will auto-login when re-attached.
    When you change the password they will need to supply the new one when they re-attach.
  • Lock and Unlock Channel
    You can lock access to everyone at once. Currently logged in users will be disabled regardless of password.
  • Kick All Users
    In case you want the password /name change to take effect RIGHT NOW.


A SYNAPSE Channel is L$399.
The devices are free and copy/transfer.


You will need to be able to rez up to 10 prims (10 Land Impact) for about a minute.
This is part of the new setup process. You rez the UNINITIALIZED radio to program it
to the new channel. Then you can pick it up and distribute it.


  • Passwords are required. They can be simple, but are still required.
  • You are not allowed to resell radio units at any price.
  • For sanity reasons, please do not list these on the marketplace or put them in network vendors.
  • Trademarks, Hate Speech, Insults may be filtered from Channel names.
  • You cannot name a channel the same as another channel, complaints will be handled on case by case basis.
  • It is not advised to copy the script into another prim as it will probably break your object
    (email sans(at) about making a custom shell)