What Is Synapse

Synapse is an on-demand grid-wide communications system. With it you can connect to other users on a private channel, anywhere on the SL grid. These devices are copy/transfer to make them easier to had out as needed.

How is it better than Group IM / IM Conference?

  1. You don’t need to add people to a group.
  2. You don’t need to restart a new conference when someone drops / crashes.
  3. You send messages directly from the SL client chat bar, instead of using tabbed windows. Some folks find this better because it doesn’t obscure your vision, which is handy when you’re being stalked by werewolves.
  4. It’s more reliable and less likely to reject messages than Group IM.

How is this better/different than Gridtalkie?

GridTalkie (also a product of SHiNYbrand) is meant more for large, more public groups, like a citizens band radio. It has options for private channels but they require you to be in the same group, or approved groups. It’s also not available on a Copy/Transfer offering. Synapse was created based on user feedback to be a more agile, on-demand service. The radios can be handed out to anyone, and are secured by a password. It has a feature set optimized for about 80 percent of our user’s needs.

What does Copy / Transfer / Take-Copy mean?

Synapse device permissions are set to allow you to hand out access to your channel to anyone you want. You can put them in group notice, giver boxes, etc as needed (just don’t resell them).
This is really good when you just want to get going with your activity.

If anyone can get a copy of my radio, how do I keep out the riff-raff  block undesired users?

By default, channels are protected by passwords. This password must be entered on attach to enable the connection.
Channel Owners can change the password from Synapse Hubs or in-store terminals.
When necessary, you can directly ban users from your channel.

How will users get product updates?

We’re still… working that part out. It would be easiest for you just send the updated version manually,
but we might just throw a new device at them and let them pick from channels they’re a part of.. or something.

Aren’t you sort of forgoing sales of your other, more expensive product?

We’re phasing out our two lowest tier products that generate the most support calls for this, even cheaper product.